Approach to Treatment

Animal Behavior & Healing uses applied behavior analysis techniques to facilitate positive behavior change. This approach towards modifying animal behavior has proven more effective in achieving positive outcomes for companion animals and their owners.

Most companion animal trainers know that the use of positive reinforcement and behavior modification are the best ways to change behavior. When using applied behavior change techniques, a functional behavior assessment or analysis is performed before a behavior intervention plan is devised. The reason? The literature supports this approach, demonstrating that functional assessment and analysis leads to more effective behavior change solutions.

Many common behavior problems may be treated successfully.


  • Trailer Loading
  • Handling Problems
  • Stall aggression/stable vices
  • Fearfulness
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  • Separation anxiety
  • Resource guarding
  • Strategies for unruly behavior in the home
  • Sibling Rivalry (Inter-dog aggression)
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  • Screaming/loud vocalizations
  • Feather plucking
  • Aggression
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We help horses, dogs and birds overcome problems that place a strain on their relationship with people. Whether due to phobias, fear aggression, difficulties with vet, farrier, when bridling or trailering, or when on leash or in the home, ABH will work directly with you and your animal to resolve behavior issues.

We develop a behavior intervention plan customized for you and your animal. Animal Behavior & Healing places an emphasis on creating comprehensive, positive behavior change using science- based strategies that have been proven more effective. Your pet will become more relaxed while you learn more effective ways to interact with your pet.

AB&H is committed to helping people and their pets live better lives together through our approach that is closely partnered with your pet’s veterinary team.