As a young child I spent all my days in the stable of a nearby farm caring for and learning to ride all the ponies and horses until I was old enough to care for my own horses. I have participated in top- level hunt seat equitation riding academies and shows and events throughout my youth. I studied with Richard and Julie Ulrich at Friar’s Gate Farm in Pembroke, Massachusetts; renowned as top trainers and instructors in their discipline.

AB&H has the experience necessary for proper equine care and behavior management, together with an understanding of the innate behavioral needs of horses. We bring essential tools, training and background that will support successful outcomes for common behavior and handling problems in the stable.

Horses can easily become highly sensitized during the training process, and also, due to the unnatural housing environments of stable confinement.

It is through the application of positive reinforcement & learning theory concepts that we may experience an improved level of trust and joy that supports the bond between owner and horse.

Equine Behavior Services Include:

  • Lunging, kicking, biting (bite threats)
  • Stall aggression; charging/barging
  • Fear of novel stimuli, electric trimmers
  • Mounting block difficulty
  • Compulsive behaviors: Stereotypy, cribbing, weaving
  • Inter- stall aggression, food guarding
  • Rehabilitation counseling & services for rescued horses

Handling Problems

  • Trailer loading
  • Difficulty to saddle/bridle
  • Difficulty to shoe

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