Client Testimonials

Ms. Gina Garey was instrumental in helping me understand what was driving my dog’s behavior and, equally important, how to best address it.

“Buddy” is my playful 4-year old yellow lab. He’s a 95-pound ‘lap’ dog. Last year (2017), I noticed that Buddy was becoming increasingly aggressive around other dogs. I was ultimately asked to remove him from the day camp I had been bringing him to. This was devastating because I felt Buddy’s ability to socialize with other dogs was a key aspect to his overall physical and emotional development so I sought Gina’s help.

Gina’s training in the field of animal behavior is extensive and her support was the best! It began with the energy and urgency she applied to investigating the cause behind Buddy’s behavioral change. Her written reports were both detailed and thorough and the one-on-one work she did with us was very effective. Her guidance led me through some very effective changes to my dog’s diet, his behavior on-leash, and, finally my active control over him when engaging other dogs. She tailored a program specifically for me to successfully address Buddy’s behavioral issues and worked with us for several months. I can’t thank her enough!

– Scott F.

Stella and Hoagie are doing very well and have been improving since we worked with you to resolve Stella’s obsessive- compulsive behavior as well as Hoagie’s overprotectiveness.  Whereas before, Stella would zone out and run around the perimeter of the yard to the point of exhaustion and beyond, walk in circles incessantly and pace in the house constantly, she is now much calmer.  Although she is still a hyper dog and very energetic she now knows when to stop running and is easily stopped when we motion to her (she is deaf).  She will also stop circling and pacing on command.  She does these behaviors when she gets excited, but the difference is we can control her behaviors and stop the cycle.  Your instructions to us (as well as the medication that the vet prescribed) have been very helpful.

As for Hoagie, he has become less aggressive since he now knows that he is number one because he was first to join our family.  Stella knows not to get in his bed, he eats first, and we try to make sure he knows he is the alpha dog most of the time. He still barks at strangers when they come into the house but he is much quicker to calm down and lay down.  Neighbors can pass by on our walks and he usually stands quietly rather than his previous behavior of barking incessantly.

We will always be grateful for your expertise and understanding in “training” us to have better behaved pooches!

– Diane & Nash G.

What we learned from you regarding our own handling methods regarding Bo’s protection against people and elements has been extremely useful. He has calmed down considerably with motorcycles, golf carts, lawn mowers and other equipment and situations where I can comfort him. We would have never known about these measures of protection had it not been for you. I am very grateful for that.

– Louise & Dick H.

Gina was a lifesaver for our family. Our 6 year old Cockapoo, Teddy, was acting very aggressive to other dogs on and off leash. I was concerned for the other dogs and Teddy’s safety so I contacted Gina for help. She came over to our house and did an in-depth evaluation of Teddy, She diagnosed him as having generalized anxiety and proceeded to develop and write up an extensive behavioral treatment plan. Gina worked closely with us for the following three months contacting us weekly. We implemented the plan and the benefits were noticeable within the first week. Not only did Teddy’s aggressive behavior stop, but also, he and my other dog learned that I was the boss and changed other behaviors that made our home-life more pleasant. One example of this is that on a recent three week long vacation both dogs slept in their own beds after having slept in our bed for years. No dog hair on the hosts bedding!

I would highly recommend Gina and her services to anyone looking to help their family and pets.

– Karen C.