Care and keeping of our Avian friends can be a challenge, given the fact that many are purchased on impulse without the requisite knowledge for their long term needs and care. This often leads to misunderstanding needs, and the misinterpretation of behavior towards humans. Unintentional results may include profoundly conflicted pets, isolation and the lack or even loss of the bond between owners and their beloved avian friends.

Most captive bred pet birds are highly intelligent and require extra time and attention from their human counterparts. Environmental needs are just as important for captive exotic birds as attention, connection and love. As flock animals, their need for contact with conspecifics, and therefore their humans, is very great.

ABH can help you create a nurturing environment, one that will allow and support behaviors that are healthy and desired, maintaining the bond that is essential to the welfare of this species in captivity.

Avian Behavior Services Include:

  • Aggression
  • Biting
  • Screaming, loud vocalizations
  • Stereotypy; repetitive motion or movement, inability to connect with people or conspecifics



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