Gina Garey

Gina brings her passion and her lifelong love for animals, extensive education and experience to the practice of creating successful outcomes in behavior change for companion animals and their owners.

Resourceful and mindful in her work with owners and animals, she incorporates the principles ABH embraces to generate a climate of harmony and trust between animals and their people.

Her main mission is to deliver successful and effective results for everyone involved; animals, owners, family members and trainers alike.

Gina earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative and Expressive Therapies from University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She completed her academic and residency requirements from the American College of Applied Science, earning a Master of Science Degree in Companion Animal Behavior Analysis and Counseling.

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Educational Credits and Experience

Over the course of creating a career based on a life long love and respect for animals, Gina is honored to have studied with renowned Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Nicholas Dodman at Tuft’s Veterinary Behavior Clinic, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.

She completed her internship at the Tufts Behavior Clinic in 2014 with Dr. Dodman and Dr. Stephanie Borns-Weil. The experience brought the clinical knowledge necessary to effectively deliver comprehensive treatment for canine behavior problems, providing the integration of practical experience with the rigorous academics of the MS program at the American College of Applied Science.

A second internship was completed with Dr. Angelo Telatin, Professor of Equine Behavior Science at Delaware Valley University. This unique opportunity supports a life long experience with horses from the age of 5 with the practical application of modern behavioral science and applied learning theory as it pertains to common equine handling and behavior problems for the rider and trainer alike.

Gina Garey, MS; Principal
Applied Behavior Analyst & Consultant MS-CABAC


Gina holds a Master of Science in Companion Animal Behavior Analysis and Counseling from The American College of Applied Science.

ACAS offers a rigorous, comprehensive program combining academics, residencies and externships.

  • Canine Academic Residency; Dream Pond Field Station, ACAS; Crescent City, Florida
    Dr. Robert DeFranco 2012
  • Avian Academic Residency; Best Friends Animal Society, Parrot Garden; Kanab, Utah
    Dr. Scott Coleman 2013
  • Equine Academic Residency; Dream Pond Field Station, ACAS; Crescent City, Florida
    Dr. Marine Cassoret 2014
  • Internship: Tufts University Veterinary Behavior Clinic; Dr. Nicholas Dodman 2014
  • Internship: Equine Behavior Science Dept.; Delaware Valley University:
    Dr. Angelo Telatin. 2015

Professional affiliations

Associate Certified: IAABC