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Animal Behavior & Healing is dedicated to providing support to shelters to prevent unnecessary surrenders due to behavioral problems. We know many companion animals are given up due to a breakdown in the human animal bond, with owners naming “ behavior problems” as one of the primary reasons for surrendering their dog. AB&H can help prevent surrenders due to behavior problems that can be successfully treated with professional support and comprehensive intervention plans.

The integration of comprehensive, positive behavior change techniques will support existing rehoming programs, and facilitate the long term adoption of shelter pets, while creating less stressful conditions through environmental changes that will support behavioral health and well being

We offer training and workshops in:

  • Humane Education Program Content
  • Leadership Training & Support
  • Enrichment Guidelines & Support


Many types of behavior problems play a significant role in the breakdown of the human/animal bond between families and their pets.

Many animal behaviorists focus on treating problems after they have developed.

At Animal Behavior & Healing, we can also help you avoid problems before they occur by advising you how to select the right pet for your family and help you establish proper behavior expectations as a preventative measure.

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