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ABH brings deep, professional experience and qualifications to the art and science of behavior change in companion animals that is rooted in a lifelong love for animals and our expertise in the facilitation of behavior change. Our services are differentiated through the understanding and application of learning theory and the positive principles of modern behavior science. Our expertise informs our approach and creates a comprehensive process in which both animals and humans can thrive.

Our approach is supported by a set of core guiding principles:

Embrace and support the harmony and joy of the human -animal bond based on mutual trust.

When it comes to unwanted or unruly behavior in the home or stable, the bond between owner and animal can be threatened resulting in the loss of that bond and great unhappiness for family members and especially, your beloved animal. We are here to offer support for that relationship with counseling services that help foster mutual trust.

Professional intervention will guide the process with clarity of purpose and intent.

Aligning with effective, proven and positive science based behavior change strategies enables us to help you work with your animal towards achievable goals. Creating a road map for successful behavior change will help clarify your needs and the needs of your animal, and contribute to a process that is fun while teaching new skills and behaviors.

Experience the positive principles of modern behavior science.

Foster a better understanding of the behavior of your animal.

The mission of Animal Behavior and Healing is to promote a better understanding of your animal’s behavior, and in the process dispel unfounded or outdated “myths” regarding the reasons for problem behavior. We understand how behavior develops and how best to effectively facilitate behavior change.

Discover a deeper awareness and appreciation for the needs of your animal.

When we approach the behavioral needs of your animal with a clear intervention plan, the human animal bond will be strengthened and grow into a stress free, mutually rewarding relationship.

Clear and effective communication creates a positive environment within which to support and maintain desired behaviors over time.

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